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By | September 13, 2016

how-to-make-a-websiteOwning a website is what most people want to do today. Website is the unique way to through which one can communicate with the World. Whether you want to make money online, portray your creativity, interact with a community you love, share your passion for photography or music. Whatever the reason a website is your gateway to the World. The next question that crawls up is HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE.

Making a website has been simplified over the last decade. Earlier the knowledge of computer programming was a necessity to make a website. Thanks to the technological advancement now things have changed, you do not have to write any code to make a website. A person who has the basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word can design his own website. I’ll guide you through the simplest way to design your website. The process of HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE can be explained into these simple steps.

Domain Name

domain-nameDomain Name refers to the web address or the URL of your website. Do a thorough planning while choosing a Domain Name. Domain name will be the first thing a visitor will see and probably the first impression about your website. A domain name should be simple, unique and easy to remember. A word of advice…….. Choose a domain name with a .com extension. This is a typical custom and is followed by 80% of websites. It’s a normal physic for people to use a .com extension while searching for a website.  Selecting the web hosting site is the next requirement.

Web Hosting Company

Deciding or choosing the web hosting platform tops the list. A web host stores all your files pertaining to your website on its servers and makes them available to the world. Well you cannot reach the World without a web hosting provider. Some hosting company offer FREE Domain and you will end up saving some dollars…some of the best web hosting companies are: Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, SiteGround, ipage, ehost, etc..

To get an insight on the web hosting companies you can refer my earlier post here..

Web Hosting Service

Once you have made a decision to choose the web hosting service provider, the next step is to choose the right subscription plan suitable for your website. Well there a host of companies those provide free websites. This sounds incredible when u do not have to spend a single penny on building a website but believe it or not this has its own flaws.

The biggest disadvantage of a Free Website is you are not the owner of the website since you are not paying for the hosting. The free website is at the mercy of the web hosting company hence the ownership shall always be of the web host. The web host can delete your free website whenever they want and to make matters worse they can even re-launch your creative website with a new identity with their own name tag on it. The others flaws can be limited space on the server, usage of themes and the worst part is you cannot monetize your website.

As a beginner go for the basic plan when you subscribe to the web host. Complete the formalities by filling up your personal information, choosing the package plan and your billing information. Check on I agree to the terms of service and click Confirm. The Web host will usually take 12 to 24 hours to register your application and will confirm on your email that you have provided them. Your login details will be sent to your email address.

Now you are a proud owner of your domain name and just 2 steps away from creating your web presence. The confirmation email from your web host shall carry the details of your username, password and a url link guiding you to the CPANEL of the web host. Cpanel is the control panel that offers the ability to administer every facet of your website. CPanel offers a rich set of features, ranging from adding an email address to managing sub-domain names.

About 90% of the web hosting companies uses cpanel. Cpanel is developed with a very simple and understanding approach, but in any event of difficulty you can always use the 24/7 support (email, Telephone & live chat) provided by the web host.

Once you are logged in to our Cpanel, the first thing you should do is to visit the preference section and change the login password to cpanel. The next step is to update your contact information. While updating the contact preferences keep all the default boxes checked as they are alerts being sent to your email address by the web host on any unusual activity, security issues or hosting updates. The most crucial ingredient to make a website is to select the CMS – Content Management System.

Content Management System

The software that enables a user to design the website is known as CMS. CMS is the main platform assisting in the creation and modification of digital content to get your website alive and kicking. As clear by the name CMS manages all the content that is placed by you on your website. Themes, plugins, contact forms, pages, posts, social media, etc…  The major CMS platforms are – WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, etc..content-management-system

I personally believe that you should always follow the leader and trust me or not WordPress stands at the top. I started using wordpress as a newbie and found it very easy to use. Today WordPress powers almost 78 million websites worldwide. Whether you are a small blog or a potentially bigger business WordPress has you covered. Big enterprises like CNN or NASA both use wordpress and if they trust WordPress then I guess you should too.

Whatever Web hosting plan you have opted for it’s very simple to install wordpress. Logon to your cpanel, scroll to the Software section and click on the softaculous app installer.

C Panel - HostgatorHover on WordPress and you will get an option to install. All it takes to install is a click. You will be steered to a new window where you will have to fill up the registration details on wordpress. Your domain name, email address, your first name and your last name. Once you have filled the entire required information click on install wordress and you are done.

 You shall receive your login details by email and a link to the admin area, similar to the cpanel. This will be the login area for your wordpress account. On the login page just copy your username and password and click login. The first thing suggested here is to change the password to your wordpress account. On the dashboard panel and scroll down to the user section. Hover over to the user that you created and click on edit. Now when you scroll down to the bottom it will show an option of new password. Type your new password, update your profile and you are done.

To make it simpler for you I have added some video tutorials.

Special Thanks to Tyler Moore for this wonderful Videos on How to make a website. !!

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