Basic Idea on How Twitter Works

By | September 25, 2016

Twitter picTwitter has echoed in every corner of the neighborhood and some are still wondering what it actually is. Twitter is a simple yet powerful social media network that empowers you to stay connected with your friends, family, people, businesses, and organizations you are interested in. Twitter has made it possible for a user to share anything with everyone from your family and friends to complete strangers. Let’s get an insight to the basic idea on how Twitter works and the power of Tweet.

Honestly Twitter is simple, yet distinctively commanding platform that enriches the user to showcase short messages globally and to connect more closely with people they care about. Getting used to Twitter is not like climbing Mount Everest but you are bound to get addicted once you are aware about the interesting and fascinating aspects of it. Fortunately, using and setting up a Twitter account is as easy as having your breakfast at a buffet.


Getting started with Twitter is simple, all you need is to sign up at Click on the Sign Up button and you are on your way…. Enter your full name, phone number and a password and click Sign up for Twitter. Once you’ve clicked Sign up for Twitter, you can select a username (usernames are unique identifiers on Twitter). You will be asked to write a bio. Your bio is a short (up to 160 characters) personal description that appears in your profile that serves to characterize your persona on Twitter. Just follow the on screen registration procedure and you will be guided through the process at ease.

While deciding your USERNAME just exercise a little caution. Your username is the name your followers use when sending @replies, mentions, and direct messages. The whole World will know you by your username so it is very important to choose this carefully.

The username also know as your handle is your identity and all your followers will remember, refer, respond and recommend you by this name. You can use your last name, company name, brand name, business name or a nick name. A word of advice here is to choose a name that is simple and easily accessible as the people you meet on Twitter will often respond to you by your username. The other point to remember while choosing a username is to keep it short, will tell you more about this shortly.


Contacts-on-twitterOnce you have created your account with Twitter the next step is to find people you know or you want to get associated with. Follow the on screen tutorials to find your acquaintances through the categories that you are interested in. The process is simple and with all these years Twitter has made the searching process so simple that an 8 year old child can set up his own account in minutes.

The easiest way to add contacts is by importing your friends and acquaintances directly from your other online accounts. Gmail and yahoo mail is the best examples from where you can import your contacts. Getting your Facebook friends is yet another example.


One distinctive feature that has made Twitter unique is it allows a user to instantly post entries of 140 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces) or less, often referred as “tweets”. The 140-character message sent out to the World using Twitter is known as a Tweet. You are restricted to a maximum limit of 140 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces) for a single tweet. Due to this feature Twitter is also known as Micro Blogging or Micro Sharing platform. The reason why I asked you to opt for a short username is if you have a longer username, you will leave lesser space for people who are replying to your tweets.  

This may sound a little difficult at first but the more you tweet the more you get comfortable tweeting, you will realise squeezing your thoughts into 140 characters will refine getting your message across in a more meaningful way. Small crisp and to the point format is what you have to follow in this 140 characters. Twitter users have garnered innovative and clever ways to think differently and come up with attractive one-liners. To add flavor to the limit of 140 character users now use # hashtags and links to cater masses and carry a hell lot of information.


You can access Twitter by using either a computer or Smartphone (or both). Using Taccessabilitywitter on your smartphone will keep you connected 24/7. The versatile approach and accessibility of Twitter fits comfortably with your lifestyles and brings you closer to everyone in your circle. No doubt Twitter has earned the tag of the most elegant social media platform for colossal communication.

Reaching out to the entire World starts at the small box containing “What’s happening” and you have to sum up your thoughts in 140 alphabets. If I am not mistaken Twitter has set this limit of 140 characters purposely. They want the user to think, Focus and recalculate before tweeting anything. How thoughtful!!! Just type you thoughts into the small box and hit update… You have just done your first Tweet.. Yes.. Tweeting is this simple…….


Twitter has a deep impact on (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and so your username as well as your tweets are indexed by the search engines. If you are considering your username based on your business, company or brand then use valuable keywords as Twitter Handle.tweets

Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo will index your tweets within SECONDS and Twitter’s own search tool will always be the leader. Your public tweets are going to last for a long long time on the internet. Search Engines will definitely bring in more visitors to your brand or website with every tweet. A word of advice here is to take great care before your hit update to your tweets.

Whether you’re looking for business associates, friendly conversation, traffic to your website, building your brand or anything else, Twitter can help you surround yourself with people and companies that can enrich your stream.


Millions of people interact with each other on Twitter. You will find some people interesting or maybe other people find you interesting on Twitter. The best way to start your journey on Twitter is by following the people you find interesting. Following people on Twitter is very simple and straight forward. Simply click on the user you like and press the Follow button. Likewise when people find your tweets valuable they will also follow you. On Twitter you cannot send requests to other people to follow you.

twitter-followersYou gain followers over a period of time. Write valuable and informative tweets and see your following grow. Once you start to follow a person on Twitter, his tweets will show your timeline. Likewise your tweet will show your followers timeline. Once you’ve followed a few people, news outlets, organizations, or accounts of your interest, you’ll have a new page of information to read each time you log in. Click links in others’ Tweets to view articles, images or videos they’ve linked to. Click hashtagged keywords (#) to view all Tweets about that topic. The best way to gain followers on Twitter is to regularly engage and contribute in a meaningful way.


The journey to tweeting has begun and you are bound to get replies, likes, followers to your tweets. At time you might just want to respond to some replies. To reply or respond to a particular tweet you have to click on the arrowReply Arrow button.

TweetsYou can also like the tweet by clicking on the heartLike Button icon. Likewise if you want to forward a particular tweet all you have to do is click on the two arrows following each other also known as the (RT) re-tweet Re-Tweet Buttonbutton. A small popup will open for confirmation click yes and the tweet will be forwarded to your followers.

Once you’re ready to begin authoring your own messages, consider mentioning other users by their Twitter username (preceded by the @ sign) in your Tweets. This can help you draw more eyes to your message, and can even start a new conversation.

On Twitter you can interact with other users privately too. The private messages are also known as Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter. You can ONLY send a DM to a person who is following you. Like a normal tweet the limit of 140 characters also applies to the Direct Messages.

A tweet is not just limited to text messages. To decorate your tweet users can add photos, pictures and images. That’s not all you can even add GIFs and videos to the tweets. You can add up to four images to a tweet. All this can be done by clicking on the camera Camera Iconicon to take a picture or to choose a photo from your gallery.

Videos can also be shares on a tweet. You can record a video from the twitter app by clicking on the camera Camera Icon icon first and then videoRecord Icon icon. The limit for recording a video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The other method for sharing video is by importing the video from your device.

Lending your ears on Twitter and then responding with genuine and thoughtful views will cast your way into the World of Twitter.

I hope this post is useful in understanding twitter.

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