How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

By | August 10, 2016

facebook fan pageWe can hear about Facebook Fan page at every corner. Some might just wonder what is a Fan Page?? We all have known about Facebook as the world’s most popular social media. We can share our views, pics, recommendations, achievements, reunite with our families and friends at ease. Then how does this Facebook Fan page come into the picture??

Let’s get down straight to the point as to WHY a Facebook Fan Page? In the early 1980’s the main medium to reach out mass population we only had a Radio or a Television. Television had an upper had as people could have visuals. This was the main medium for advertisements. The main stream though which businesses could promote their products.

Now is the era of Internet and social media. Televisions and radio were restricted to demographic regions. With the Launch of social media a person could reach any part of the globe. Facebook being the most popular social media has attracted millions of Businesses to campaign their products. With almost 1.20 billion users worldwide Facebook has given the businesses the power to market their products globally.  You are more confident on the recommendations of the people known to you. Facebook follows the ideology of “word of mouth”. Facebook has transformed the way how people interact and communicate with each other.

Smartphones have leveraged Facebook to new heights. People stay connected throughout the day, whether at home or work, shopping, socializing, holidaying or simply watching television. This is yet another motivation for the businesses or companies to build convincing Fan Pages.

All businesses small or big, companies and clients want to build Facebook presence and that’s what a Facebook Fan Page is all about. Building Fan Pages, promoting products, enhance brand awareness, enduring relationships with clients, launching new products and much much more…….

How to Build a Facebook Fan Page

To build a Facebook Fan Page you need to have a Facebook Login. Just login to Facebook and scroll to the create Facebook Page link from the drop down menu on the right side header or simply go to

Choose a category for your page

Here you will have six different categories to choose. You have to select the category that is the most relevant to your page.Facebook Fan Page Categories

Select any one from the above six page types and choose a relevant category from the drop down menu.  Then you choose a brand, business, community or a company NAME. This will be the NAME of your PAGE, the name through which people will search for you on Facebook. Be very specific and careful while naming your brand, product, Facebook campaign. It’s really difficult to change the name of your Facebook page once you have created it. Your fans, businesses will associate with your Facebook Page Name. The string here is TO CHOOSE THE PAGE NAME WISELY. Then click the Get Started button.

You have created your Facebook Page successfully.. Congratulations !!

The next steps that follow are rather very simple and the steps involved are self descriptive. You have to enter a small description of your brand, business, company, website or blog and also the URL of your website.

Faceboook Fan Page Set up

There are four tabs that are required to be filled up for setting up the Facebook Page. After the small description and the URL of your website you have to upload the profile picture. This can either be your picture or your brands. It’s up to you to decide as this picture will represent your company, brand or product. Well if you are promoting a company or a brand then it is advisable to upload a logo. This will increase your personal touch with the Facebook Page and your Fans.

The acceptable formats by Facebook are JPEG, GIF & PNG and the best pixel density is 170 px wide and 170 px high. Save the info provided to Facebook and you are done with setting up your Facebook Page.

Moderate Settings

Once your Facebook page is complete the nest important task is to check that the page has been configured correctly. This is to take care of the SPAM and getting the maximum out of your news feed. To ensure the smooth operation of your Facebook page always keep a track of SPAMMERS. Any Facebook user can like, Tag photos or post comments on your page. But Facebook allows you to edit the permissions and moderate posting settings on your page.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page. Click the edit page and from the drop down menu click on manage permissions. Select any restrictions that you would like to add. To prevent Spammers or disrespectful, offensive or hateful comments just check the Profanity & Moderation Blocklist.

The other options available to a page admin are to delete the comments or to Ban a user.

Adding Apps

Facebook has graduated to new levels and APPS are just another leveraging tool added to Facebook Page. There are Appsmore than 11 million apps on Facebook. These apps can add new features to your Business or Fan book Page. Apps are the most innovative tool to add specific functionality or to customize the Facebook Fan Page. Facebook has administered various apps for marketing and promoting the Facebook Fan Pages in the best possible way. Just feel free to brows the Apps and add only those apps that you find necessary for your Page.

You want your Facebook page to attract Fans and not an overcrowded mayhem. To search for an app just type the name of the application in the Facebook search bar at the top of your screen. A list of matching apps will appear and just click add to my page and confirm.

I hope you find this article helpful. Your feedback will be helpful in creating better articles.

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