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By | August 9, 2016

passion for writingSome people are gifted with the talent of expressing themselves through words in such a manner that the reader gets addicted and indulged that they find it very difficult to move away before completing the whole story. Mostly such talented writers do this out of their passion for writing and often do not monetize this talent. Actually speaking such talent cannot be compared with money but some might find it appealing at the end of the day. If you are interested in make money writing ideas then please read on.

With the power of Internet the whole world is your audience and

Freelance Writing

reaching them is even simpler. Make money writing is a blog for the people who want to monetize their writing skills. Read further to get an insight on the companies that rewards passionate writers.

A freelance writer is what most of the companies are looking forward to these days. The internet is flooded with companies searching for writers, freelancers and Writing content bloggers. A word of caution here is to choose the best paying websites. You should get the true worth for your writing skills. Some websites pay attractive rewards while some just end up with mere $10 for 500 words.

The online make money writing community on the internet is always looking for writers. You need not be an experienced or established writer, newbie’s with writing skills are more than welcome to join.

creative writingAs a freelance writer or blogger you decide the number of hours and the time for your work. In other words you are the boss. Search for
clients who rewards higher for the same work. You will stay motivated when your earnings are higher.

I have garnered a list of the best paying websites and I also plan to update the list regularly.


The Sun Magazine

The company was started in 1974 and is a Non Profit organization based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with almostSun Magazine 70,000 subscribers. They publish small stories, personal essays, interviews, poetry, photographs just a few to name. This is probably the best website that rewards a passionate writer. There are no restrictions on the length of the article. They pay from $300 to $2,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $1,500 for fiction, and $100 to $200 for poetry. The company also rewards the contributors with a complimentary one year subscription to THE SUN.

The Sun is often flooded with more than thousand submissions monthly and these ads up to unread articles substantially. Usually the company takes three to six months to respond. You will have to send a hard copy of your writing submissions duly accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope. Your work will not be returned without sufficient postage, and they cannot respond unless a return envelope is provided. Visit the company website for more details on Writing, Interviews, Photography and Readers Write.


This site hosts funny videos, photos, articles, infographics, current events etc. If you are passionate about writing or Working on Cracked.comyou have a creative edge then you simply have to sign up to the writer’s forum at cracked.com. No experience or qualification is required to be a part of the writers club. The best part is that you join for FREE. People who love editing photos, or videos and adding a humorous touch then this site will be a delight to join.

You get paid once your work is approved by the cracked.com team. The site maintains high standards and only quality stuff is placed on the front page. Cracked.com has a huge following and once your work is approved then it is portrayed to colossal audience.


Payout of $100 on ListverseListverse is another writer’s paradise. The site works on the ideology of top 10 lists. Top 10 list can be on any topic with atleast one or two paragraphs per item is what they are looking for. The payoff at Listverse is $100 for the entire list that is accepted. If they like your work then they pay you. No prior experience or expertise is required at this job. The key requirements are Originality, Creativity and one or two paragraphs on each item of the list.

Listverse ONLY makes the payments through PAYPAL. Registration to PAYPAL is easy and FREE


Share Knowledge on KnowledgeNuts.comKnowledgeNuts publishes interesting and useful facts and broadly they are covered under three headings: Differences, Facts and Misconceptions.

If you like to share your knowledge with the world then probably you should shares it through Knowledgenuts.com. If the people at knowledgenuts.com feel fascinated by your ORIGINAL work they will pay you $10 for each submit. Just make sure to read all the terms and conditions to submit the work. Above everything the work that you submit should be 100% ORIGINAL.

Scroll to the extreme bottom of their site and sign up. Mode of payment includes Paypal and Bitcoin.

A List Apart

This website is dedicated to the people who make websites. The company explores the design & development of webDrafting List for A List Apart content with exceptional focus on web standard and finest practices.

Anything interesting, new, big and thoughtful idea is what attracts the company. Once your submission is accepted by the team you will work closely with an editor of the company.  There are three categories on which the company rewards the writers.

  • Features (1,500–2,500 words). Meets most rigorous content and editorial criteria; runs with a custom illustration. You get paid $200.
  • Articles (600–1,500 words). More casual in tone and content. Great for less-intensive tutorials and posts. A writer is paid $100 for submissions.
  • Mini-articles (500–600 words). Short and sweet. Get paid $50.

Visit the companies Write for Us page for complete guidelines.

International Living

Live Better Life - pic 1The journey of International Living started 35 years ago and was sparkled by a small newsletter. They believe in the ideology of “Live Better….for Less…in a Tropical Paradise…. Today !!” International living is a website that helps discover the world’s best places that are cheaper, healthier, safer and freer to live, travel or retire. They help you live your life more comfortably at a lesser cost than what you currently spending. The idea of living a happier, more fulfilling and prosperous life at the destinations that you have ever dreamt off.

International Living posts postcard daily to its subscribers. These postcardsLive better life - pic 2 are nothing but stories, experiences that writers submit to the websites. You too can be one of the writers. Stories with photographs are more than welcome but not a compulsion. Your stories selected for the postcards can fetch you $75. Whatever it is that makes you happy in your new life, sum it up—in 500-600 words.

WOW! Women On Writing

A writing skills - WOWwebsite totally dedicated to Women writers, Authors, Editors, Publishers and Readers. Wow is a global magazine designed and devoted to support every aspect of a women’s creativity, energy, sweat, tears and emotions throughout all stages of the writing process.

Filling the gap between writing websites and women’s Writing more for WOWmagazines makes this concept unique. The team is committed in raising the overall standards within the writing community, and devotes an active profile within writing industry associations, organizations and websites.

Wow hugely depends on talented writers and freelancers. All you need to remember is to write articles only related to Women and the Monthly theme set up on website. The payment schedule followed by the website is as under:

  • Twenty Questions:  $50
  • How 2 (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
  • Inspiration (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
  • Feature Interviews (up to 3,000 Words): $75
  • Feature Articles (up to 3,000 Words): $150

Make sure to read the writer’s guidelines and other details on the website.


AppStorm is a website that publishes reviews about apps on all the mediums available to surf the Designing Apps for AppstormInternet. Apps that are designed to be used on Iphone, Ipads, Android, Web, Windows and Mac. With so many apps flooded on Google play store or Apple app store it’s difficult to figure out which ones are worth using. These apps include anything from business apps, Games, Music, Lifestyle, Productivity, Security, Graphics, Utilities to name a few.

AppStorm not only reviews the apps but also sum them up into categories and also provide how-to tipls and tricks to get more out of them.

The success of AppStorm is dependent on talented and passionate writers and software users. You are welcome to contribute your views, opinions, ideas and knowledge on the website by submitting your articles. You just need to follow three simple instructions to get going with writing reviews. AppStorm pay the writers or authors $60 for every article they accept and publish. Be sure to check out the writer’s Guide available on AppStorm website.


WritersWeekly has been publishing articles continuously since 1997 and is considered to be one of the Writing Weekly for passionoldest and most reputed sites for freelance writing. WritersWeekly has been constantly purchasing articles from freelancers globally. To successfully write for WritersWeekly you should focus on writing articles about making more money, home based businesses, distinctive assignments, marketing and networking advise, alternative products and services, self employment, marketing unique books, corporate writing and markets of a specific genre (with links to those markets).

The site makes payments in US Dollars ONLY through Paypal and you get $60 for a 600 word article.

Your articles should be submitted in the body of an email or thought the contact form available on the website. Only photos or artwork is accepted as attachments.


CollegeHumor is one of the biggest comedy sites on the Internet. If you can portray your humorous side Show your humorous sideinto words and sum it up in articles. Then this is one site that you just cannot miss. The site generates millions of page views daily and they are constantly looking for new writers. All you need to do is send an email to articles@collegehumor.com and if your pitch is accepted then their editors will work with you. For a single page article they will pay $35 and for a multi page article you can get $50. However you can also submit pictures too at galleries@collegehumor.com and on successful accepted submission can get you from $25 to $35.

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