7 Marketplaces For Selling Study Notes

By | August 18, 2016

Students at universityThe new buzz about making money online among college students is by Selling Study Notes. More and more users are getting registered to such marketplaces where they can easily buy study notes or tutorials and study materials. The notes or study materials are uploaded by sellers on such marketplaces for a price tag and interested students can buy them online. This practice has witnessed a huge demand and thus more and more marketplaces are emerging.

Thousands of students have managed to earn an extra income by selling their notes, materials or projects online. Are you amongst those few who never bunked a class or a lecture. The one who was always attentive in class and made notes, then this is your chance to make some extra money online. The web is full of websites that will help you sell your notes to the students who resort to such last minute alternatives. You can upload your notes, projects or study material with an expected price tag on such websites where the actual buyer can easily purchase them.

Well there are opportunities where you could monetize you knowledge. I have managed to list helpful websites.

7 Best Sites to Monetize Study Notes.


Users have to register as an author through a simple form available on the website. The next step is to upload the notes NexusNoteson the site by following a simple procedure. Leave the rest on the team for approval of your content. Once approved your Notes will become a valuable resource for the other students and will bear a price tag of $35 per set. You will earn a 50% commission every time your notes get downloaded.


A perfect website for someone who wants to make money online selling their hard work. Notesale has simplified the Notesaleprocess of matching up of buyers and sellers of Notes or Study materials and streamlined the transfer of money. A user is required to upload his notes along with the expected price and its all done.  Do let me know if you about a simpler way to earn money online.


The first thing that I read on the website was: Yes!  You can make money by selling the notes you already NoteUtopiatake! Could you ask for more ? They have an easy sign up page. Complete the formalities and you are ready to upload the notes. The students can upload/download notes and a host of other services, like rating professors, realtime chatting, search for students and much more. Noteutopia has developed a platform to connect students with each other. Join now to experience their uniqueness.


This educational marketplace for sharing the knowledge was created in 2015 by Manak Gulati. The platform was Notesgencreated for students and educators across the globe to share their knowledge. Create your account and upload your hand written or self prepared notes, set your price and get paid. You can have multiple sales.

The site hosts a two way medium for sharing the knowledge. Firstly the students who want to sell their notes, study materials or projects across 14 different categories. Secondly Notesgen also allows Partners, wherein coaching institutes, educational institutions or colleges can post their intellectual content to inflate their teaching horizon.


Stuvia is the brain child of two founders who were students themselves. This website was launched in 2010 and since Stuviathen this has been the marketplace for buying and selling notes. Signup and create a profile. This begins your journey to earn extra income on your notes. It’s a saying at Stuvia that you graduated by using your notes and now by uploading those notes at Stuvia you can help thousands of students graduate for the years to come.

Stuvia promotes the uploaded notes to a colossal audience and help thousands of students’ right before their exams. With more than 250,000 members Stuvia is the place to sell your study notes. Do care to read the COPYRIGHT at Stuvia.


StudentVIP caters to 897,623 students and is Australia’s largest university student website. The website hosts various services and is supported by a team of 12 diligently dedicated full time staff. Click here to explore the services.

StudentVIPJoin the largest university website to sell your notes.


OxibridgeNotes was founded by Jack Kinsella in 2010. OxiBridgeNotesThis is another awesome site to sell your notes online. You can sell Notes, essays, sample answers, etc, all in digital format. They are very specific about the digital format as only typed stuff is accepted and any scanned uploads is just ignored.  The next emphasis is laid on originality. You have to be the author of the notes uploaded on OxibridgeNotes and they are very particular as they reserve the rights to alert the aggrieved party about any copying or misusing  someone else’s work.

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