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By | September 5, 2016

Web Hosting ServiceThe essence of possessing a website for any business or individual has been made possible by the Web Hosting Service providers. What this means is the web host that maintains servers on which all the files of your website are stored. Whatever your have designed on your website are made available to the World by these web hosting service companies.

To get an overview about any business or service the first thing that any customer or client does is to visit the companies’ website. All the answers to any query are automatically routed towards the Internet and then to the specific website. It is imperative for any business big or small to stand away from the competition is to have a web presence in today’s World.  A well designed website should always be accompanied by a dedicated and reliable web hosting service. In other words Web Hosting Service is the gateway between your website and the World.

Web Hosting Services are provided by a number of Web Hosts. A simple comparison of among the web host should be carried out. The main difference that I could figure out was not on the price front as the entire web hosting services offer more or less the same package due to the stiff competition. The major differences were the services that the web host provided like built in e-commerce, email marketing tools, anti spam protection, etc.

Let us have a glance at all the most popular Web Hosting Service providers:



An Ideal Web Hosting Service Provider for beginners. Provides FREE Domain name with a one year hosting package.

Hostings: Shared hosting (Linux, Windows & WordPress hosting) Reseller hosting (Linux reseller & Windows reseller hosting) and VPS hosting.

Support 24/7



Hostgator is a simple and reliable web host for beginners or professionals.  The company comes out with special promotions on a regular basis. Very competitive pricing makes it stand in the top 5 list of cheapest web hosting service providers.

Hostings: Shared, Windows, Resellers, VPS, Application hosting.

Support 24/7/365




GreenGeeks made its way into the industry in 2008 and ever since the company has been the leader in green energy web hosting provider by putting back 3 times into the grid through wind energy. GreenGeeks is the only eco-friendly web host in the World. The company hosts a bouquet of services with Free domain and Free website building tools complimenting it.

Hostings: Web, Shared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Hostings`

Support 24/7


1_1 Web Hosting


1&1 Web Hosting is among the cheapest available web hosting services. Includes Free website builder that’s makes it easy to build any type of website. The web host also provides Free Domains.

Hostings: Web, WordPress and Managed cloud hosting.

Support 24/7


Site Ground

Site Ground had gained a lot of appreciation and is ranking in the top 5 web hosting providers. Site Ground also provides unique security solutions.

Hostings: Web, WordPress, Joomla, Cloud, Dedicated & Reseller hosting

Support 24/7

eHost has maintained a very cost effective web hosting pricing. It’s very easy to create a professional or entry level website at eHost with all the credits to its easy drag and drop website building tool.  eHost is currently offering a 50% discount on hosting packages along with a Free Domain. To add more to your delight the company even offers $200 worth of Free ad credits and email marketing tools.

Hostings: Web, WordPress, , VPS and Managed cloud hosting.

Support 24/7

Arvixe believes in a rare combination of unmatched quality, reliability and affordability. They provide Free domain for life with a purchase of any hosting plan. Arvixe has been on the fast track with gaining importance at every level.

Hostings: Web, Blog, Business, Reseller, Dedicated, Managed, VPS, CMS, Ecommerce, Video sharing, Forum & Social Networking Hostings.

Support 24/7

iPage has been providing web hosting service to individuals and small businesses for the last one decade. Both beginners or experiences webmasters feel at ease and comfortable using the platform provided by iPage. It’s a win win situation for people opting for iPage web hosting as you get a Free domain and Website builder tools. The list does not stop here, on a sign up you are even gifted with $500 of goodies.

Hostings: Web, Essential, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress Hostings.

Support 24/7

iPage Goodies



Dreamhost is yet another affordable web host but a little difficult platform for the beginners. Dreamhost does not have the cpanel or off-the-shelf hosting interface and this makes it a little different from all other web hosting service providers.

Hostings: Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Support 24/7

Godaddy offers Free Domains with hosting and one of the World’s leading domain registrar with the best in class customer support. Godaddy covers hosting for beginners to the most experienced techies.

Hostings: Web, VPS, WordPress and Dedicated Hostings

Support award winning 24/7


Liquidweb boasts of great 24/7/365 customer service and they refer to them as Heroic Support technicians. The hosting packages are a little on the expensive side and they lack the Shared Hosting service.

Hostings: Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Dedicated Hostings.

Support 24/7/365 Heroic Promise.



Inmotion hosting has been a top-rated CNET web hosting provider for the last 13 years. The company even received an A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau. Inmotion offers a web hosting platform for the experienced webmasters. A free domain is included among a host of other services to make it an ideal web hosting platform.

 Hostings: Business, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, Enterprise, Ecommerce and Reseller Hostings.

Support 24/7



A2Hosting boasts of BLAZING FAST WEB HOSTING that can cover from the most beginner bloggers to the most experienced webmasters. If you are planning to launch your website in the super fast lane then this is the web hosting platform that you should focus on.

Hostings: Shared, VPS, Cloud, Reseller& Dedicated Hostings.

Support 24/7



Hostwinds was founded in 2010 with the purpose of proving solutions to the mistakes that other web hosting providers often overlooked. To steer away from the competition Hostwinds has adopted a mission to optimize customer satisfaction and support. The only web host so far that does not support managed wordpress hosting.

Hostings: Shared, Busniess, Reseller, White Label, VPS & Dedicated web Hostings.

Support 24/7

FatCow has been in business since 1998 and has been providing reliable hosting platform for the small business websites. Simple and reliable web hosting platform for small businesses is equipped with website builder tool along with Free domain and Free domain transfers. The services are even topped up with $100 Google and $100 Bing ad credits.

Hostings: Fatcow plan, Wodpress, VPS and Dedicated Hostings.

Support 24/7

Once we have checked out the number of players present in the Web hosting universe one question that needs attentions is what these HOSTINGS are that have been listed with each web host. Hostings are the type of categories and that enables the users with a host of choices to plan their budget, requirements, bandwidth, storage, etc.  The most common hosting that are available with mostly all the web hosts are Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and Reseller Hostings.


Shared itself reflects that you will have to share the server with other users thereby making it the cheapest option available. Its best suited for small enterprises and personal websites. The sites that do now require mega bandwidth or that generate huge traffic. The services can vary from web host and so will the package amount. A very good option for the newbie’s who have just started exploring the web and do not wish to spend huge amounts.


VPS is the short form for Virtual Private Server and VPS Hosting is edged higher to Shared Hosting. Site owners with special requirements often use VPS Hosting. VPS is equipped with increased power, flexibility proving the user with better control on his website.


Quiet clear from the name this means that you have the complete server at your disposal. The web host dedicates a complete server to the user thereby providing the best performance, advanced control and security that one can ever imagine of.


Cloud hosting is a kind of shared hosting that can be compared to VPS hosting. Here the server is not limited to just one machine, but instead is distributed among a cluster of servers. This powers the user with the advantage of managing better disk space or bandwidth. 


Reseller hosting is a bite of cake for the experienced web masters. It’s a special hosting plan wherein a user has the power to resell his allotted server space to host websites for other third parties.

Deciding on which Web Hosting Service is best suited for you is a complex process. I have just tried to make things a bit simple for you. Hoping this post was helpful for you.

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