Top 25 CPA Marketing Networks

By | July 28, 2016

CPA Marketing simplifiedCPA Marketing is an online advertising platform and that pays the user for specific actions. Advertisers make payments to users for specified actions like simply signing up for free trials, filling out forms, impressions, clicks, apps installation, email submissions, submitting forms, signup for newsletters, contact forms, ebook downloads, registrations, getting quotes or estimates and even shopping.

To simplify CPA refers to cost per action, pay per action, cost per acquisition and cost per conversion. This simply means that you get paid when a user clicks on ads or your affiliate links and completes an action. The CPA marketing is one of the best ways through which one can monetize a website.

CPA Marketing Structure

CPA marketing or performance marketing is very much similar to Affiliate marketing. Both the models are used to promote the products or services of other businesses for a commission. CPA marketing does not necessarily require a sale to get paid and this makes it stand above affiliate marketing. CPA marketers generate new leads that drive new customers to the advertiser’s websites. These leads connect the potential buyers with the businesses and inturn the CPA marketers earn commissions.

CPA marketing is gaining importance among affiliates as compared to other advertising models like Adsense, banner ads, and CPC/CPM. The payouts on CPA marketing are higher and better. Most of the payouts depend upon the complexity of the actions to be performed. Generally the commissions paid to CPA marketers range between $2 to $24 for single email captures. Simple leads can fetch you anything between $1 to $6.

25 Best CPA Networks

  1. peerfly-e1465772988476
  2. A4D-logo
  3. mundomedia-logo-e1465773586192
  4. w4-logo-e1465773479461
  5. madrivo
  6. cpaway-logo
  7. CBlogo_ThePerformanceExchange_BlackTEXT_Horizontal_TRADEMARK_LR_RGB_NONE-300x106
  8. cpalead
  9. Affiliate-Crossing-logo100
  10. AdWorkMedia_logo
  11. ClickDealer-logo-
  12. globalwidemedia2
  13. adscendmedia-logo-e1465774314827
  14. Adknowledge_Footer_Logo
  15. cpatrend
  16. convert2media-logo-e1465774164271
  17. Matomy140-X-40
  18. Above-all-Offers-Logo
  19. cpaprosperity
  20. CrakRevenue-logo
  21. yeahmobi
  22. Diablo-Media
  23. logo-2_0
  24. adperio

Steps for successful CPA Marketing

Organise your Niche

A good research on the CPA marketing niche is always the best proposition. Choosing a niche that interests you will be the easiest to follow. Trial and error methods will also lead you to success but that’s time consuming and some affiliates might just get frustrated. Some of the top niches trending nowadays are:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Weight Loss / Gain
  • Business Opportunities
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • Gaming

To get top 10 celebrities with herpes a brief idea about the niche you can trust & a little research about the CPA Networks is also advisable. A well known, legitimate, stable and above all timely payments are some point to remember before joining any CPA Network. is a helpful site for beginners to gain some knowledge about clash royale free gems no human verification CPA Networks. It’s a kind of Wikipedia of affiliate networks. You can read reviews on just about anything episode passes on affiliate networks.

CPA Registrations

You will be required to sign up as an affiliate by filling up application form on the site of CPA Networks. Sign ups are fast and easy. But getting your application accepted as an affiliate is the big question. The applications are manually reviewed and at times a telephonic interview is also conducted.  The first step is to get your email address verified and then follows the telephonic verification. This is often to judge the sincerity of person to join as an affiliate. CPA marketing is a serious business and Honesty and Integrity are the two other important factors to keep in mind at the time of singing up at these networks. Any misleading information can result in rejection of affiliate applications.

Your honest, true and clear information shall be the vital part to get associated with the CPA Networks. Disclose true facts while filling up the registration form or during the telephonic interview. The people at CPA Networks are professional and highly trained and they can easily make out any false information’s. Be very frank about your experience in Internet marketing and your future plans about promoting their business.

Once your application is accepted as an affiliate you shall be provided with a unique CPA affiliate link. This link free tickets episode shall be confined specifically to you as this will track all your activities with that CPA Network. The CPA Network shall also assign you a affiliate manager. All the help regarding the promotions of the Network’s business shall be provided by this manager.

Deciding the Offer to Promote

You have to decide the offer that you wish to promote. This can be in accordance to the niche that you have opted for. Your affiliate manager can also help you with all the CPA offers that are available for you to promote. This is the reason why you should carefully select your niche. It’s always easier for a person to work on the things that interest you the most. To get more insight about the CPA offers you can always visit &

Another way to choose the CPA offers is by researching about the interest of general public. Promoting offers according to the requirements and interest of the public is often more rewarding. This can increase the leads significantly. Keep an eye on higher Earnings per clicks (EPC) and Conversion rates (CR) and avoid low paying offers.

Tracking CPA Promotions

You can use a free analytical tool provided by Google for tracking all your promotions. Get registered for your Google Analytics and leave the rest on Google. They will analyse all your promotions. Tracking your campaigns is an important aspect for you to be a successful CPA Affiliate. You have to constantly keep a track on which landing page or keywords are converting more. Which page on your website is generating more leads? It will be easier for you to work on the pages or offers that are generating volumes. All this analysis is done by Google Analytics and that too for FREE.



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